Orkney Rose

Welcome to Orkney Rose

Orkney Rose represents local producers in the Orkney Islands and brings the best of the produce to London. The aim of the company is to funnel custom from the south east to one of the most wild and fecund parts of the country.

The producers we represent are on the whole small family-run businesses who have the perfectionist eye of the artisan when it comes to creating their produce. All of our produce is sustainable and all is of the highest quality imaginable: diver-caught scallops as large a fist, organic smoked salmon, rare-breed lamb, Aberdeen Angus beef, farmhouse cheese, gently-smoked kippers, unpasteurised butter, air-cured bacon, streaky bacon, black pudding, haggis, brown crab&elipse;

We used to have a stall at Borough Market and attend food shows such as Country Living, The BBC Good Food Show, The Real Food Festival, The London Gathering and we also sold sustainable fish and chips at Standon Calling music festival.

However, since the recession got going we have changed our business model which makes us fleet of foot and very robust to changes in revenue.

The company acts like an agency, marketing and selling on behalf of the producers as has always been the case, but with the goods being couriered directly from Orkney to the doorstep of the customer.

The advantages are fantastic as the necessity of cold storage, vans and other carbon-hungry components of wholesaling in London have been done away with.

We are faster, leaner, more efficient and more environmentally friendly than ever before.

For any enquiries, please email info@orkneyrose.com

Yours faithfully, Rose

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